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Bacofoil® Freezer Bags

Bacofoil® Freezer Bags are perfect for storing food in the freezer and securely protect against freezer burn. Designed with 3 layers of special film they are extremely tear resistant. The bags also have a wide opening for easy filling, making…
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Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags

Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags are a perfect all rounder for at home or on the go. Keeping food fresher for longer with a secure seal you can hear. The Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags include Double Seal closure technology for easy…
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Bacofoil® Sandwich Bags

Bacofoil® Sandwich Bags are perfect for transporting tasty snacks and sandwiches. They are great for packed lunches and suitable for all food types. Bacofoil® Sandwich Bags feature a fold over closure designed to make opening and closing easier, and are…
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Bacofoil® Cling Film

Banish frayed tempers and wasted scrunched-up balls of cling film forever! Bacofoil® Cling Film not only seals in freshness, keeping food from drying out and preventing the transfer of odours in the fridge, but the ergonomically designed pack has a…
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Bacofoil Tips & Tricks

Find a wealth of useful and imaginative tips, tricks, recipes and life hacks here. Be amazed at what our products are capable of! Why not share your own favourites? Click here to submit your own recipes and see your ideas…
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Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners

The Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Kitchen Bin liners have a unique built in elastic fastening so you never have to worry that the bag won’t fit in the bin, or slip inside when filled. Simply put the bag in the bin, and…
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Bacofoil SafeLoc® Double Seal Food and Freezer Bags

Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Double Seal Bags are a perfect all rounder for at home or on the go. With Double Seal technology protecting the quality and taste of your food they close easily and securely – a must have in any…
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Bacofoil All Purpose Zipper Bags

With a zzzip tight seal to lock in freshness, every time. Fridge, freezer or on the go, just wash me and reuse me for less waste… Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper® Bags are the perfect all rounder for at home and…
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Bacofoil launches new Easy Bake Non-Stick

Bacofoil has launched its new Easy Bake Non-Stick baking paper. As the nation gets their oven gloves at the ready in preparation for the Great British Bake Off; Bacofoil has launched its new Easy Bake Non-Stick baking paper in Morrisons….
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