We believe in working with partners who care about the same things we do. So here’s a bit about them, so you can see for yourself how they help us do the best we can for our customers, the environment, and our people.

Our partners in recycling

AluPro is the UK’s Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation, dedicated to increasing recycling of aluminium packaging. As active members, we work closely with AluPro, our industry, government and local communities to help achieve this aim.


Recent results are encouraging, with UK metal recycling up by 12.6% in 2013 and looking good for a total of 46% recycling in 2014. Awareness campaigns such as ‘MetalMatters’, ‘Leave Your Cap On’ and ‘Every Can Counts’ are helping families make the small changes needed to make big progress. Behind the scenes, AluPro work with local and European government and the UK’s waste management industry to improve infrastructure and processes too.

We’re also proud to be part of the European Aluminium Foil Association, championing innovation, sustainability and excellence in aluminium foil industries across Europe and the globe.

Food packaging Association (FPA)


We are members of the Food packaging Association (FPA).  The FPA  promotes the interests of manufacturers, distributors and buyers of single use, disposable foodservice packaging. The FPA encourages the use of disposable foodservice packaging by promoting and encouraging further development of its superior performance with respect to hygiene, safety, convenience, economy, reducing food waste, environment and sustainability.

Did you know?

I am the only non-stick foil manufactured in the UK.

“I use just enough cling film to cover over my electric weighing scales. Then when my hands are gooey when baking I don’t have to worry about making the buttons sticky or if flour is spilt I won’t have to spend ages cleaning in all the awkward bits. I’m all about cooking without the hassle of cleaning up for hours ;-)”

Darren Carter | Essex