Established in 1962, Bacofoil is the UK’s leading brand covering a range of products in food preparation, storage and waste management—all high-quality products that aim to solve your everyday problems around the home.

Being owned by Wrap Film Systems, the leading cling film and foil supplier to the catering and hospitality industries, means we can also offer you, our trusty consumer, a newly expanded range of products. Look out for our new cling film in a preloaded and refillable EasyCut dispenser and wrapping foil in a preloaded disposable dispenser, coming into a store near you soon.

Did you know?

I completely disappear in two years, unlike most plastic cling films which take decades.

“It’s so strong and reliable, it never splits & never sticks to the meat, makes roasting easier”

Louise Lumsden | Ross-shire