Bacofoil Student Cook of the Year Competition

Bacofoil Student Cook of the Year Competition

Zoe’s Cooking Never Foils To Amaze

Zoe Edwards, 21 from Surrey, has been crowned Bacofoil Student Cook of the Year after shining in the high-pressure culinary cook-off final at Cactus Kitchen, London.

To celebrate our country’s culinary undergraduates, Bacofoil launched its first ever Student Cook of the Year competition with the final taking place this week.

Bacofoil along with some of the most influential foodies in Britain – Food Editor at Olive Magazine Janine Ratcliffe, Celebrity Chef and Author Sam Stern and Founder of Kitchen Coach Justine Kanter set out to dispel the myth that today’s generation of students can’t cook more than baked beans on toast.


Forget beans on toast and frozen pizzas, today’s student has a more sophisticated palate. In fact, a 2014 survey of over 2,000 UK students revealed they spend more on food than clothes, travel or social activities.

To celebrate our country’s culinary undergraduates we have this year launched our first ever Bacofoil Student Cook of the Year Competition and entry is now open.

Until the 31st of December 2014, foodie students can enter the competition by posting a picture on Twitter or Facebook of a dish they have created, along with its name and the hashtag #BacofoilStudentCook. Entries will be judged on their presentational skills, and the creativity of the dishes name.

Once the finalists have been decided they will be invited to the final cook off, a high pressure culinary contest on the 23rd January 2015, in which they will have to prepare their entered dish for the panel of judges.

This year’s judges are celebrity chef and author Sam Stern, Masterchef Winner Steven Wallis, Lulu Grimes, Deputy Editor at Olive Magazine, and our very own Melissa Dickinson, Marketing Manager at Bacofoil.

The winning cook, who will be chosen at Cactus Kitchens in London, will receive £1,000 worth of groceries!

Please see the Terms and Conditions, visit our Facebook page to enter at or tweet your dish picture with the hashtag #BacofoilStudentCook.