Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Many of us prize the kitchen wisdom handed down through our families from generation to generation. Browse our tips and tricks to add to your family treasure trove. If you have more to share, why not tell us about them.



The Original kitchen foil:


Place a fresh lemon and herbs in the chicken before roasting to create a delicious aroma.

Rest your chicken in foil for 15 mins after roasting to ensure a moist succulent texture.

Baked potato

Roll the potato in oil and sea salt to crisp up the skin, then sprinkle a pinch of sweet paprika on top of your potato to add a warm sweet flavour before wrapping in foil to bake.


EasyCut Dispenser for foil

Crush garlic and mix with butter, then spread it over the potato skin before wrapping in foil to bake – this will make it really crispy!


The Non-Stick foil:

Sticky ribs

Add a spoonful of molasses to your BBQ sauce to make really sticky ribs.

Poach your ribs in a liquid of soy sauce, muscovado sugar, five spice, ginger and shallots for 30 mins. Drain and then add your favourite marinade before roasting. This will make your ribs tender and moist!

Add some sweet chilli sauce and lime juice to your favourite marinade to create a delicious sweet but spicy flavour.



Lightly toast ciabatta bread and crumb in a food processor to make your own homemade breadcrumbs for coating your fish-fingers.


Sausage Roll

Add a spoonful of applesauce to your pork sausage meat mix to bring out the flavour of the sausage roll.

Glaze your pastry with egg yolk mixed with a little water – this will give your sausage roll a deep golden crispy shine.


Turkey foil, Turkey Tray, Roasting Bag (Turkey size)

Keep your turkey moist and add flavour by spreading butter mixed with sage and thyme between the skin and meat of the turkey.

If you run out of time to defrost your turkey, place it in cold water to speed up thawing.


Parchment lined foil

Chocolate brownies

Add some dried sour cherries to your brownies mixture for extra flavour and to keep them moist.

Use dark, best quality cocoa (or if this is unavailable Bourneville cocoa) when making your brownies, this will give extra chocolate flavour and a lovely rich colour.



Score the skin of the mackerel before baking – this helps to absorb the flavour and stops the skin curling too much.

Add delicious flavour to your mackerel by rubbing a mixture of olive oil, lemon, honey and finely chopped chilli into the skin before wrapping in foil to bake.


Foil Gourmet

Rack of lamb

After seasoning your rack of lamb with fresh herb breadcrumbs, brush it with your favourite mustard to create a lovely crust.

Always sear your rack of lamb before roasting it to provide that extra golden finish.

Place your lamb rack on a bed of browned lamb bones before roasting; this will help your rack cook evenly.



Chicken drumsticks (medium size roasting bag)

Place fresh lemon zest, juice, garlic, olive oil and herbs in your roasting bag for a zingy flavour.

Leave your chicken to stand in the bag for 5 mins before opening to avoid the hot steam and ensure a moist texture.


Whole chicken (large size bag)

Rub the skin of the chicken with butter and sea salt before roasting to create a crispy skin.



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Greek salad

Give your Feta cheese time to come up to room temperature before serving in the salad to bring out the delicious flavour.

Store your Feta cheese for your salad in a bath of milk or brine to prolong the freshness.

Cling Film 100% Biodegradable

Fruit salad

Add lime juice and freshly chopped lemon balm or mint to your fruit salad to add freshness and flavour.

Cling film all purpose

Ciabatta with chicken

Spread mayonnaise on your bread and then toast – this gives your sandwiches crispness and that extra needed flavour!