1 pita, halved

3 lettuce leaves

40g cheese, cut into cubes cubes

8 cherry tomatoes

1/4 cucumber, cut into chunks

1 small carrot, coarsely grated

1 portion hummus – homemade

Also… 1 piece fruit

Hummus ingredients: (makes 2 servings)

160g drained canned chickpeas (2/3 can)

2tbsp sunflower seeds

1tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Splash lemon juice (fresh or bottled)

Pinch paprika, optional


Bless all hummus ingredients together in a small food processor or in a jug with a stick bender until smooth. Season to taste and add 1-2tbsp water if too thick.

Thread cheese, tomatoes and cucumber chunks onto small skewers. Place in lunch box with carrot, lettuce, pita and a portion of hummus.


Skewers and hummus will keep for up to 3 days in a Zipper® Bag in the fridge.