Bakers not bonkers

Bakers Not Bonkers


No Curling, No Slipping, Just Baking

Whether you’ve been whipping up sponges for years or made your first cake yesterday. There’s one frustration every baker knows: wrestling with unruly baking paper.

As you race to get your bake in the oven, the curling up and slipping around is enough to drive you bonkers. That’s why we’ve pulled out all the stops and made our Non-Stick Baking Paper even better!

The Non-Stick Baking Paper with NEW Non-Slip Base

Get a grip with NEW Non-Slip

We know what you’re thinking…. why has nobody thought of this before!?

Our ingenious Non-Stick Baking Paper with NEW Non-Slip base smoothly suppresses the natural urge for the paper to curl, so it remains absolutely flat on the surface to which it is applied.

Further enhancing its appeal, once flat it doesn’t move from side to side, instead remaining exactly where you placed it, meaning all you need to worry about is producing the tastiest treats.

The Best Just Got Better

No Curling

The NEW Non-Slip Base stops the baking paper from curling back up once its laid down; This is great when using baking trays and cake tins and even allows you to roll your dough on the paper with no hassle.

No Slipping

The NEW Non-Slip Base keeps the paper firmly in place ensuring that the paper doesn’t slip around the tray when moved, making life just that little bit easier.

No Greasiness

The non-stick structure of the Baking Paper means you don’t have to grease the tray. It also stops any grease from seeping through making washing up a thing of the past.

Still a Superior Non-Stick Performance…

Perfect Results Every Time – Nothing Sticks

Bacofoil® Non-Stick Baking Paper with new Non-Slip Base is the perfect companion to any budding baker and professional alike. The innovative and unique Non-Stick textured surface reduces the amount of contact with the bake, ensuring it bakes evenly and slides off effortlessly – perfect results every time.

Everyone Loves it…

Influencer #1

The new curved cutting edge provides the perfect angle to deliver the perfect cut every time in one swift pull towards you.

Influencer #2

The new bevelled edges improve handling by giving your hands somewhere to rest providing the leverage you need to deliver the perfect cut every time.

Influencer #3

The roll holder ensures that the foil is dispensed easily without falling out of the box, allowing you to get the length you need with ease.

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