The Perfect Cut Every Time

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Choose the Curve 

The Perfect cut every time

Searching for the perfect cut every time? Well look no further, we’ve got you covered with our new and improved packaging. We know that there isn’t much worse than foil that just isn’t up to scratch and that’s why we created our unique curved blade, which makes foil cutting a piece of cake. No more wasted foil and unevenly cut ends – just the perfect piece to line your tray, making life that little bit easier.

The New Features

 The New Curved Cutting Edge

The new curved cutting edge provides the perfect angle to deliver the perfect cut every time in one swift pull towards you.

 The Bevelled Edges

The new bevelled edges improve handling by giving your hands somewhere to rest providing the leverage you need to deliver the perfect cut every time.

 The Secure Roll Holders

The roll holder ensures that the foil is dispensed easily without falling out of the box, allowing you to get the length you need with ease.

The Products

Recipe Inspiration

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