We’re happy to say that most of our products will be made from recycled or renewable resources with immediate effect, which puts our goal of becoming 100% circular by 2025 within reach.

Our ultimate aim, however, is for all our products to be made with 100% recycled or renewable resources and be fully recyclable or compostable by this date, making them part of the circular economy.

Whilst striving for this circular economy we will continue to deliver on the quality we are known for, helping you to get the most from your food


As stated above, we have already taken massive steps in the direction of becoming 100% circular. Effective as of now, products such as our Non-PVC Cling Film, Zipper® All-Purpose Bags and SafeLoc® Food and Freezer Bags are made with 70% recycled resources and are fully recyclable.

The 100% circular mission also complements our sustainability strategy. Our goal is to sustainably optimise all areas of the Bacofoil® product life cycle and we will do this by observing the principles of the ‘Four Rs’ – Redesign, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. See here for more information.


Achieving our 100% circular target is not something we can do by ourselves; we also need to rely on our raw materials suppliers. So, we are taking a joint approach known as the mass balance approach. This approach allows us to manufacture plastic products from recycled materials without wasting resources. Adapting our products is a continuous process that involves carefully reviewing existing formulas. Sometimes the supply chains and the products themselves have to be redesigned so that all products can gradually be manufactured entirely from recycled resources. We are slowly but surely integrating our products into the circular economy by taking this approach. Want to learn more about the plastic mass balance approach click here


We use recycled resources to manufacture our products and are constantly looking to ensure that all of our products can be re-integrated into the loop after use. This process is called the recycling loop. It involves turning waste into a usable resource fed directly back into the production cycle. We already take this into account at the product development stage. This means our products can be easily disposed of and subsequently recycled. Our product packaging and website also give detailed information on how to do this.


Disposing of products properly is one thing, but it’s so much better when products can be reused, and their life extended as a result. Many of our products are already easy to clean, making them perfect for reusing multiple times. Our Bacofoil® Zipper® All-Purpose Bags can even be cleaned in the dishwasher now! Once the products have served their intended purpose they can be reused again for other uses e.g.

  • Store your e-reader in it at the beach, keeping it free of sand and water but still easy to navigate from the outside!
  • As a travel accessory in your luggage. Instead of packing creams, lip balms and makeup loose, keep them organised by storing in a Bacofoil®  Zipper® All-Purpose bag.
  • As an airbag for tasty snacks between meals. Using a little trick, you can transform the Bacofoil® Zipper® All-Purpose bag into an air cushion that is great at keeping soft fruit or sandwiches from being crushed in your backpack.

Want to do more to help us close the product loop sustainably? Here’s some simple tips on how you can start:

  • Find out about the regulations on disposing of recyclable materials in your region
  • Separate products before putting them in the recycling – for example, don’t put several freezer bags inside one other
  • Remember to clean recyclable material before you put it in the recycling bin

Together, we can create a more sustainable world.