Great British breakfast with a twist

March 17, 2014

There is something undeniably special about the great British breakfast and the length and breadth of Britain, we have our own way of doing things. For some it’s the inclusion of black pudding for others it’s a light breakfast of poached eggs and crispy bacon bits on top of a delicious toasted muffin.

At weekends, a full English or variation on a theme comes into its own. With more time to rustle up the sausages and linger over the coffee, it’s also a great opportunity to get kids involved with the cooking, particularly if the process can be made easier with the addition of Bacofoil Non-Stick Foil which allows the sausages to slide effortlessly onto the plate rather than sticking to the tray.

The experts from Bacofoil have developed some easy tips and simple ideas for great British breakfasts with a twist:

  • Use Bacofoil Non-Stick Foil with the dull side facing upwards, to ensure your food doesn’t stick.
  • Breakfast muffins freeze wonderfully, so if you can’t enjoy them all on the day they’re made, wrap them in Bacofoil EasyCut Cling Film and freeze for later.

A twist on kippers
Instead of kippers, which were popular with the Victorians and Edwardians, why not try this recipe for mackerel? Score the skin of mackerel before baking – this absorbs the flavor and stops the skin curling too much.

Add a delicious flavor to your mackerel by rubbing a mixture of olive oil, lemon, honey and finely chopped chilli into the skin before wrapping in foil to bake.

Breakfast brownies
Add some dried sour cherries to your brownie mixture for extra flavor and to keep them moist.

Use dark, best quality cocoa (or if this is unavailable Bourneville cocoa) when making your brownies, this will give extra chocolate flavour and a lovely rich colour.