Bacofoil 2 in 1 Parchment & Foil

Bacofoil 2 in 1 Parchment & Foil is the perfect kitchen utensil for any cook or baker.  The Non-Stick parchment is lined with foil to create a more even bake.  It is also great at insulating and keeping heat in when used as a parcel for cooking or en papillote.

The two layers make the product incredibly durable and perfect for lining any dish.

Designed for you…. Bake… Shape… Create

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We’ve designed our 2 in 1 Parchment & Foil to be a really handy tool for any baker.  The foil helps to create a lovely even bake and the parchment stops anything sticking to the side.


It’s been designed so it holds its shape so simply shape and scrunch the paper into any form you like for your recipe.


If you can shape it, you can make it.  Ideal for creating parcels to cook en papillote.  Get scrunching and baking!


I’m freezer and oven safe, and I’m non-stick.