Baco® 50Ltr Kitchen Bin Liners

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Baco® 50Ltr Kitchen Bin Liners


Reliable Strength: Keeps kitchen waste securely contained.
Effortless Disposal: Convenient draw-tight closure.
Tailored Fit: Perfectly sized for 50L swing bins.

Keep your kitchen clean and hassle-free with Baco® 50L Kitchen Bin Liners, designed for reliability and strength. These 50L liners feature a draw-tight closure for easy disposal and are perfectly sized for swing bins.


Say goodbye to flimsy liners with Baco® 50L Kitchen Bin Liners. Engineered for durability, these thick liners offer robust strength, securely containing your kitchen waste. The draw-tight closure simplifies disposal, making it easy to tie up and toss out.

Tailored for 50L swing bins, each roll includes 15 bags, ensuring an ample supply to maintain kitchen cleanliness. With dimensions of approximately 124cm x 70cm per bag, these liners provide generous capacity for daily waste disposal needs.

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