Baco® 70Ltr Heavy Duty Refuse Sack

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Baco® 70Ltr Heavy Duty Refuse Sack


Reliably strong construction.
Hassle-free draw-tight closure.
Ideal for larger bins.

A pack of 15 robust 70L bin liners, designed to provide strength and reliability for your larger bins. Simplify waste management with these durable and easy-to-use refuse sacks, measuring approximately 130cm x 80cm.


Elevate your waste management with Baco 70L Refuse Sacks – a pack of 15 bin liners designed for larger bins. The thick and robust construction ensures unparalleled strength, providing the confidence you need for efficient waste disposal. These durable solutions are crafted to simplify your routine, offering reliability and simplicity in every use.

Experience the simplicity of Baco Refuse Sacks as they effortlessly adapt to your waste disposal needs. The simple design makes handling and using these bin liners a breeze, saving you time and effort. Perfect for accommodating substantial quantities of waste, these 70L bin liners redefine convenience, allowing you to manage your waste efficiently without compromising on durability.

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