Bacofoil® Air Fryer Liners | 100 Pack

  • Air Fryer Liners 100Pack

Bacofoil® Air Fryer Liners | 100 Pack


Non-stick liners for a cleaner air fryer with no scrubbing.
Conveniently Circular, 20cm diameter, adjusts to various air fryer sizes
Bulk Savings, Delivered straight to your door

Discover the magic of mess-free cooking with Bacofoil Air Fryer Paper Liners! Revolutionize your air frying experience and bid farewell to tiresome cleanup. These greaseproof and non-stick liners make cooking a breeze, leaving your air fryer basket spotless after every use.


Bacofoil® Air Fryer Liners


Say goodbye to the hassle of post-dinner cleanup with Bacofoil Air Fryer Paper Liners. Designed for easy cooking, these greaseproof and non-stick wonders ensure that your air fryer stays pristine after every use. No more scrubbing or dealing with stubborn residues – just lift the liner, toss it away, and revel in the convenience of a spotless air fryer basket.

Crafted with precision, the round shape and flexibility of Bacofoil Air Fryer Paper Liners make them a perfect fit for a variety of air fryer sizes. Whether you have a family-sized fryer or a compact model, these liners guarantee even cooking and prevent your favorite foods from sticking. Embrace the simplicity of mess-free cooking without compromising on the deliciously crispy results you love.

With high-quality, compostable materials and FSC® certification, Bacofoil ensures that your cooking experience is not only effortless but also eco-friendly. Elevate your air frying adventure with the ultimate solution for quick, easy, and environmentally conscious cooking.

The Bacofoil® Air Fryer Liner Bundle is exclusive to and helps you save when compared to purchasing the products individually.