Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners

The Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Kitchen Bin liners have a unique built in elastic fastening so you never have to worry that the bag won’t fit in the bin, or slip inside when filled.

Simply put the bag in the bin, and the elastic fastening ensures a perfect and snug fit every time.

Made with 3 layers to prevent leaks and sealed at the sides for additional strength.

5940-Fixierband_Illustration_GB_RZ_webGHI Approved 2018

“At last a bin liner that stays securely in place and doesn’t rip when you remove it”, says Verity Mann, Head of Testing. Testers were impressed with the elasticated handles which stretched easily around the perimeter of the appropriately sized kitchen bin and were easy to tie once the bag was ready to be discarded. The liners were sturdy and strong and didn’t rip when filled with standard household waste.

Good Housekeeping Institute

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Suitable for Kitchen Bins, available in 30L and 50L.




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I am British and manufactured in the UK.

“I have just used this product (Bacofoil Non-Stick Foil) yesterday for roasting and today for covering a backing tray in oven. Was amazed that it does what it says on the packet. Brilliant would recommend to anyone.”

Pam Cook | Bristol