The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil

Ensure there are no sticky situations with Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil with unique BacoLift® Surface, even the most notorious culprits such as fish fingers and salmon couldn’t stick to the foil if they tried.

With no need to use oil or butter it’s the healthier option too. There’s even the added benefit that you don’t need to wash up the tray afterwards as the BacoLift ® Surface ensures food won’t stick to the tray or the foil, leaving it looking like it should!

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The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil is available in 30cm x 5m, 30cm x 10m, 30cm x 20m, and 45cm x 5m.

Remember, always use the dull side next to food for hassle free, non-stick cooking.