The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil

Your unseen helper this Easter, here to make things a little easier.

Ensure there are no sticky situations with Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil with unique BacoLift® Surface, even the most notorious culprits couldn’t stick to the foil if they tried.

It’s the secret behind every perfect Easter roast

When it comes to cooking up something for all the family this Easter, we’re right behind you.
By now you’re probably already thinking about this year’s menu. If you’re going down the traditional route, succulent, herb-infused lamb and crispy roast potatoes will, no doubt, be taking centre stage, so you’ll want to get them right.

Of course, more effort usually means more hassle – but not with Bacofoil. From cutting down on the washing up, to preventing the fruits of your labour from overcooking, let Bacofoil’s Non-Stick Kitchen Foil be your trusty kitchen companion this Easter and beyond.

We all know that Easter can be an indulgent time of the year, so it’s nice to be able to keep it healthy where you can. Because your food won’t stick with Bacofoil’s clever non-stick products, it means you can ease up on the oil and butter when you’re cooking – the perfect excuse for eating that extra Easter egg, surely?

Benefits of the Non-Stick Foil:

  • No sticking, cleaning, worries
  • Unique BacoLift® surface to prevent food from sticking
  • No need to use oil or butter
  • Tear-resistant
  • Saves washing up
  • Suitable for cooking, baking, roasting and freezing
  • Strength you can trust

More About Me:

Available Pack Sizes

Width x Roll Length
30cm x 5m, 30cm x 10m, 30cm x 20m, and 45cm x 5m

Where to buy:

The Non-Stick can be found in the following stores subject to stock availability:
Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s Waitrose, Co-op Ocado, Morrisons, The Range, Costco, Home Bargains.

Preparation and usage

Suitable for cooking, baking, roasting, and freezing. Always use the non-shiny side for non-stick cooking.

Safety Warnings

Do not allow foil to come into direct contact with a naked flame or electric elements.
Not suitable for microwave use.

Recycling Information:

To dispose of The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil and it’s packaging responsibly please do the following:

Foil – aluminium – Widely Recycled – Rinse
Rinse your foil and scrunch it into a ball before disposing.

Blade – Plastic – Remove for Local PET waste
Remove the blade from the cardboard box carefully and place into the correct bin for your PET waste.

Box – cardboard – Widely Recycled
Place your cardboard box in the correct recycling bin or visit a local kerbside.