DIY Sushi

Who doesn't love sushi? But why limit yourself to restaurants or takeout? You can easily make this Japanese delicacy at home. With a few tips and tricks, this recipe becomes entirely manageable - plus, you have the freedom to make it just the way you like.

Cook Time

30 mins




1 avocado

6 nori seaweed sheets

Wasabi paste

3 tbsp rice vinegar

½ cucumber

2 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

250g sushi rice

200g fresh quality salmon

Soy sauce for dipping


Rinse the sushi rice in cold water until the water runs clear. In a saucepan, cook one part rice with two parts water. Let it simmer for two minutes uncovered. Then cover the pan and let the rice rest for 20 minutes on the turned off heat.

Mix the sugar and salt into the rice vinegar until dissolved. Then add this mixture to the sushi rice, stir well and let cool completely.

In the meantime, prepare the filling: to do this, cut the avocado, cucumber and fish into thin slices.

Then unroll a bamboo mat in front of you and cover it with a layer of Cling Film ( the film prevents the rice from sticking to the bamboo mat, while protecting the bamboo from unpleasant aromas)

Now place a sheet of seaweed – smooth side down – on the Film and spread a handful of rice on the sheet. Spread the rice evenly, leaving a 0.5 cm strip at the front and back.

Put a little wasabi paste in the middle of the sushi rice then place your topping on top.

The final step is to form the sushi rolls. Ideally roll them forwards and be sure to always roll them tightly.

Then all you have to do is cut into bite-sized pieces and enjoy.

To enhance your taste experience, dip homemade sushi in soy sauce and accompany it with a little pickled ginger.

Tip: If you made too much sushi or if your guests didn’t eat it all, you can safely store it in the refrigerator for about two days. Simply cover them with the Bacofoil ® Cling Film you used on the bamboo mat.