Homemade Lemon Ice-Cream

A must for hot summer days and the coolest way to use up leftovers! Did you buy a large bag of lemons on your last trip to the supermarket and now have a few left over? This recipe uses the entire lemon, ensuring you don't waste any of these vitamin-packed fruits - a delicious and efficient way to enjoy a melt in the mouth cool treat!

Prep Time

10 mins

Cook Time

Freeze for at least a few hours




3 Whole Lemons

60 ml Maple Syrup

1 can Coconut Milk


Wash the lemons thoroughly with warm water

Put the whole lemons, maple syrup, and coconut milk into a powerful blender and puree the ingredients until a smooth cream forms

Pour the mixture into a Bacofoil Zipper or SafeLoc Bag. Spread the cream flat in the bag so that you can break and portion it better later.

Let the cream freeze well for at least a few hours before using it further.

Once frozen you can take small or large portions of the mixture out of the bags at any time, simply put them back in your blender, and puree them into a thick cream. And there you have it – a scoop or two of homemade, fresh lemon ice cream!