Honey Roasted Gammon

The perfect way to cook gammon with none of the sticky mess when you use Bacofoil ‘Flavour Seal Roasting bags’!



•             Gammon joint

•             120g soft brown sugar

•             Zest of three oranges

•             Juice of two oranges

•             3 heaped tablespoons of marmalade

•             3 tablespoons of clear honey



Firstly, simply mix together the sugar, orange zest, orange juice, marmalade and honey in a bowl.

Place the gammon in the bag and tip in the sauce. Give it a shake, so the sauce covers the gammon.

Pierce the top of the bag and cook according to the instructions for the weight of the joint of gammon you have.

Some people might want to add three tablespoons of mustard, but that is down to individual preference

When you cut open the bag to serve, be sure to be careful of the hot contents. But also be careful to not spill the delicious glaze which can be kept and used as a sweet and tasty gravy.