It may not be the wild outdoor experience but camping overnight in your own garden can still be a great adventure for the whole family. There are some special ways you can bring the experience alive for everyone if you’ve opted to holiday at home this summer – or just for a night when you fancy a change! Either way make it special this summer. 

Step 1: Select your spot 

Anybody that has ever been camping knows that picking the best spot is critical. In your own garden this should be very simple. Don’t stay too close to the house though, as that way you’ll be less tempted to creep back inside. Pick somewhere protected from the wind and elements and on dry ground. 

Step 2: Set up camp

Erect your tent and set up the sleeping area inside. The joy of being in your own garden is that you can still enjoy the benefits of having a bathroom and much less need for dirty wellies and wet clothing to be hung up! Try to spend most of the time outdoors though to really get the camping feeling. To make the set up extra fun, why not create a family playlist to sing along to. Just get everyone to suggest 2-3 songs they want and then select shuffle! You’ll be dancing and creating memories before you know it. 

Step 3: Create a proper camping dining experience

To keep the feeling of camping alive set up a campfire or BBQ for dinner. Plan ahead and get the food prepared for ease and enjoyment. Try a simple dish like burgers or hot dogs and finish with some s’mores or marshmallows as a sweet treat!

Check out our BBQ recipes for some dinner inspiration here. 

Step 4: Share a story

Make the night extra special and spend some time sitting outside the tent – weather permitting – and telling some campfire stories. There’s no need for these to be horror stories, but they could be a nice family memory or a made-up story that everyone can enjoy. 

Step 5: Enjoy the view

Lastly, enjoy the view that is offered at night at the world gets dark and the stars appear. Make sure you’ve turned all your lights off at home too and try to select a night before the moon is full. 

We have all heard of a few constellations, such as Ursa Major – or the Plough, but for those interested in finding out more why not download a free app, such as Night Sky or Star Chart.  

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It’s all happening at yours this summer

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