Silver Lunchers – Why Foil Might Be Greener Than You Think

May 5, 2014

For every child who wishes their lunch box didn’t emit an aroma to scare their friends away, and every adult who hates taking a lunch box to work, there is good news, because a new study has shown that using foil is just as environmentally friendly as lunchboxes.

The study, commissioned by The European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), disproves the common belief that disposable product have a far greater environmental impact than a reusable alternative and shows that aluminium household foil is a sustainable option that performs no worse, and in some cases even better, than the reusable plastic lunchbox.

The new findings are based on a full life cycle assessment aimed to gain insight into the environmental impacts of both options for packing a sandwich.

The EAFA said, “Like no other material, aluminium foil offers the packed sandwich protection from the damaging effects of light, air and unwanted foreign smells. Whether used for a sandwich during lunch break at the office or at school, a sandwich wrapped in household foil is a convenient and responsible alternative.”

Melissa Dickinson, Marketing Manager at Bacofoil, an EAFA member, said, “We are mindful of the fact that many people are environmentally aware and this extends to their choices when shopping for everyday household items such as foil.

“We’ve always worked hard to ensure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, our Bacofoil Original foil for example is completely recyclable, and this announcement is another great step in demonstrating that foil is a responsible and practical option.”