A more responsible friend in the kitchen

Here at Bacofoil® , we see ourselves as a friend in the kitchen making life easier and more enjoyable for everyone, but times are changing, and we see the need to change too. We take our responsibilities seriously, whether to our customers, our employees, or the environment. That is why we work hard to develop convenient, hassle-free products that are better for the environment as well.

We believe that together with our customers we can make a positive impact on the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become 100% CIRCULAR. 

That means, we want both our raw materials at the start of the journey and our products at the end of their life to be recycled.

With some products this is harder than others. Plastic, like many other materials has a lot of uses and provides properties that currently, other materials just cannot deliver. However, wrong usage and disposal of plastics causes environmental problems that we just cannot ignore.

We fully embrace our 100% CIRCULAR mission and understand that going CIRCULAR is a long journey but we believe it is the right and only way.

Tomorrow: Circular Plastics Economy

We will bring our 100% CIRCULAR mission to life through what we call the four Rs. These are Redesign, Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse. They represent clear ways that we can change our products and operations to deliver a more sustainable Bacofoil® of the future.


By 2025, we will use only recycled or renewable materials for our products (and packaging). This will hang on innovation in technologies as they currently have limitations. We aim to be the active driver of sustainability developments in all our product categories.


We are working towards making our products recyclable. By 2025 we will sell only products (and packaging) that can either be recycled or are biodegradable. We are already committed to ensuring our products (and packaging) are integrated into the CIRCULAR economy, wherever possible.


In our production processes, we will continue to reduce our usage of resources while maintaining our high-quality standards. We will continue to support our customers in avoiding food waste with tips, recipes and among other things, products that help food last longer.


By 2025, we will expand our product range to include more multi-use products. Just as we did with the development of our food and freezer bags, when developing these multi-use products, we will place emphasis on sustainability and ease of use.

It is not just plastics

It is not just plastics, we are an active member of AluPro, the UK’s Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation, and the European Aluminium Foil Association.

Food Waste

One third of the food produced worldwide ends up in the bin. That is a real waste! Our products fulfil an important role in mitigating this. With our products, we help to preserve food and make it last longer. We give tips on how to store food properly and how to extend the shelf life of vegetables, meat etc. See our reusable and fully recyclable Zipper® Bags here…

We want to reassure you as our loyal and appreciated customers that we are committed to playing our part in creating a more sustainable Bacofoil® for future generations.