Here at Bacofoil®, we see ourselves as a friend in the kitchen, making life easier and more enjoyable for everyone. But times are changing, and we see the need to change too. We take our responsibilities seriously, whether to our customers, our employees, or the world around us. That is why we are working hard to develop convenient, hassle-free products that are now better for the environment!

We also understand the part our products have to play in reducing food waste. One third of the food produced worldwide ends up in the bin, and we think it’s high time that changed. So our aim is to keep food fresh for longer. After all, more freshness means less waste! Our handy tips and tricks will also help provide you with the correct storage solutions for all your food – we’ve got you covered!

Our Mission

From aluminium and baking paper to plastic, good products need good materials. And we are convinced that only the best is good enough for our products. So, our Bacofoil® baking paper is made from renewable raw materials, and our Bacofoil® aluminium foil is fully recyclable. But what about our plastic products?

It is hard to imagine our lives without plastic. The material has some unique properties; it is light, flexible, malleable, and remarkably durable. In other words, plastic is something that helps us greatly but, as with many other materials, what matters is how it is used and subsequently disposed of. We want to honour our responsibility in this process and optimise all areas of the Bacofoil® product life cycle. We will do this by respecting the principles of the ‘Four Rs’ – Redesign, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


The first step towards sustainability starts with the idea. Our goal is to exclusively use recycled or renewable raw materials for our products and packaging by 2025. Therefore, a number of our products will need to be redesigned as our aim is to deliver on this promise whilst maintaining the high-level quality expectations we have of the brand. We have already reached our first milestone in this endeavour. In the upcoming months, our PVC Free Cling Film, Zipper® Bags, SafeLoc® Food and Freezer Bags, SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags and Ice Cube Bags are manufactured using 70% recycled resources!

Our raw material suppliers are joining us in adopting this mass balance approach and helping us put it into action. In other words, manufacturing plastic from renewable or recycled raw materials. 

Want to learn more about this approach? Click Here


From our supply chain processes to our production practices, we will continue to reduce our usage of resources while maintaining our high-quality standards. We will continue to support our customers in avoiding food waste with tips, recipes and among other things, products that help food last longer.


Expanding our range of reusable products is a must if we are to achieve our goals! Many of our products can already be used several times over, for example, cling film, freezer bags and beeswax wraps, and we’ve now made the all-purpose Zipper® bags dishwasher safe too so you can reuse them again and again! We will also soon be welcoming the Bacofoil® Silicone Lids, which will further broaden our reusable range soon. These practical, stretchable lids make keeping food and meals fresh even easier!

Learn how to use these flexible and sustainable all-rounders here.


Becoming 100% circular is what we want to achieve by 2025. A circular economy eliminates waste because both products and packaging can be returned to the production cycle (you can find out exactly what 100% circular means for us here). We have already laid the groundwork for this because most of our Bacofoil® products are now recyclable. We will be gradually increasing this proportion over the next few years until, eventually, we will only have products that can be recycled or composted. The recycling industry is working tirelessly on improvements, and we are contributing to this process by being members of associations and supporting community projects.

We have already begun the journey towards greater sustainability and are excited about getting closer to our goal with each successive stage. Until then, our reusable products and those with a mix of recycled and renewable resources are continuing to deliver on the quality we’re known for, as well as moving us in the right direction. Bacofoil®, Strength you can trust