So, you’re either thinking about creating an outdoor cinema in your garden or you’ve created one and you’re now at the final hurdle. What to watch. So instead of searching through Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+, settle the argument with our guide to the five family films you should watch in your outdoor garden cinema, to make it great.

Frozen 2 

The sequel to the original, Frozen 2 is a family favourite already. And although it only arrived in cinemas last year, you can stream it on Disney+ already. Which means you can watch Olaf and the gang on your new big screen!

Despicable Me

Watch Gru, the criminal mastermind, take an unexpected turn when three little girls see him as their potential father in this animated blockbuster. It’s one that might even get the neighbours laughing along with you!

Toy Story 4

Get nostalgic as a family and watch the last in the Toy Story series. Again, it’s on Disney+ so you can stream it straight away.

NeverEnding Story

Why not wind back the years and show the kids what used to be your favourite film as a child with a film like NeverEnding Story?

Avengers: Endgame

One for the older kids, but why not make the most of your new big screen with a big superhero film like Avengers: Endgame! It’s bound to make you feel like your garden officially qualifies as an outdoor cinema.

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