The Reusables Range

Durable & Long Lasting

Designed for durability and longevity, our high quality Reusables range can withstand daily use and last for longer, providing great long-term value.

Easy to use and clean

Practical and user-friendly. Our spill-proof lids and easy to shape Beeswax wraps are both easy to use and easy to clean, making them ideal for busy individuals and families.


Created for multiple purposes, our versatile range of products help to minimise food waste whilst optimising freshness.

Silicone Lids

Silicone lids are a versatile and innovative kitchen accessory, offering an alternative way to store and preserve our food. Crafted from durable and flexible BPA free and food grade silicone, the Bacofoil Silicone Lids provide a modern solution to traditional kitchen challenges.

Designed to fit a variety of bowls, plates, pots or jars, they create an airtight and watertight seal, effectively preserving the freshness of food. Whether you’re covering a bowl of leftovers, or storing half eaten fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator, silicone lids offer a reusable and convenient alternative.

With heat-resistant properties, they are also suitable for use in the microwave, making them a versatile tool that enhances both cooking and storage experiences.

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Beeswax Wraps

In today’s world, finding sustainable options is key. That’s where Beeswax wraps come in – a clever solution that blends practicality with eco-friendliness.

Made from just three natural ingredients – certified cotton, organic beeswax sourced responsibly and pine resin (no jojoba oil), Bacofoil Beeswax wraps offer a flexible and reusable choice.

They’re easy to shape and stick to whatever you need, making them perfect for keeping your food fresh time and time again. Beeswax also offers excellent protection for your food, acting as a natural barrier against moisture, plus, it’s got built-in antibacterial and antifungal powers, so you can trust it to keep any germs away.

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