Feeling like you can’t wait until next year for the Olympics? We’ve put together our top five garden games for you to create your own garden Olympics!

Professor Puzzle sports day kit

It’s a great place to start, with a handy kit which gives you 50 games to play as a family. You’re getting lots for your money with two bean bags, two rubber eggs and wooden spoons, two batons, two three-kegged race bands and two chalks.     


A Finland adaptation on the game of skittles, has the whole family try to knock down 12 numberd wooden pins with a molkky throwing skittle. First to reach 50 points is the winner – a fun way to get kids practicing their counting!

Pineapple Smash Game

Go head to head as you try to knock the other team’s pineapple off their stand, for the hopes of grabbing gold in your back garden Olympics!


It’s the back garden classic and a family tournament could have you playing all afternoon for the gold medal!

Flickin’ Chicken

This game will have you laughing and giggling as you aim to toss a rubber chicken closest to the target. It’s a lot of fun and perfect for a light hearted family outdoor game.

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