Bacofoil Student Cook of the Year Competition

Two thirds of students go hungry!

December 10, 2014

An estimated 1.7 million students will go hungry in order to pay bills. A new study conducted by Bacofoil and The National Student looked at shopping and cooking habits amongst students only to highlight the issue of food deprivation.


Almost 50% of students confessed to not cooking everyday and a further third said they didn’t eat a healthy diet. The cost of fresh food was cited as an obstacle to cooking, with two out of three prioritizing bills over food.


With the size of student loans already under fire, the study shows that students need more help.


On a more positive note, 7 out of 10 students said they eat vegetables on a daily basis and an increasing number are finding creative ways to cook on a tight budget.


“Eating healthily doesn’t have to be expensive and the calibre of entries for the Bacofoil Student Cook of the Year shows how it’s possible to cook imaginatively and cost effectively” said Adrian Brown, MD of Bacofoil.


Interestingly most students thought that studying art provides the best skill set for culinary creativity.”  Perhaps it’s because you’re having to use your imagination that it’s somehow easier to come up with new ideas for recipes.” Said Arianna Lucia, who is studying a BSc in Management at the University of Manchester.


Bacofoil Student Cook of the Year Competition:


Until the 31st December 2014, foodie students can enter the competition by posting a picture on Twitter or Facebook of a dish they have created, along with its name and the hashtag #BacofoilStudentCook. Entries will be judged on their presentation skills and the creativity of the dish’s name.


Once the finalists have been selected they will be invited to the final cook off, a high-pressure culinary contest at Cactus Kitchen in London, in which they will need to prepare a dish for the panel of judges.


This year’s judges are celebrity chef and author Sam Stern, Masterchef Winner Steven Wallis, Bacofoil Marketing Manager Melissa Dickinson and Lulu Grimes, Deputy Editor at Olive Magazine.


The winning cook will receive £1,000 worth of groceries.


Entrants can be of any age but must be currently studying at a UK university and have no professional cooking experience.