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No, we would not recommend it, as it has never been tested for this use.

Either side of the foil can be used to place food on, unless you are using Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil, then the food should be placed on the non shiny side side, as this is the side that is coated with a food safe silicon to stop food from sticking.

Baking paper is siliconized on both sides of the paper, which stops food from sticking, making it ideal for cooking & baking. Greaseproof Paper is not siliconized, so if you intend on cooking with it, coat it well with oil to ensure that food does not stick. We recommend that Greaseproof paper is used for wrapping, presenting & storing.

Our Non-Stick Foil & Baking Papers are coated with a food safe silicone & do not contain any plastics.

We have cling film products that are made from PVC and PE. The product materials for each product are outlined on the respective product pages

No, BPA, Phthalates or Teflon are not used or added to our products or raw materials.

You can wrap and poach food in our PVC Cling Film products, following the below time and temperature:

  • Simmer for a period less than 2 hours at temperatures up to 70°c
  • or simmer for a period less than 15 minutes at temperature up to 100°c.

However, the PE film used in our ‘Bacofoil® EasyCut Cling Film (Available in IRL)’ is not recommended to be used at higher temperatures.

Our PVC Bacofoil® Cling Films can be used in a microwave as a lidding agent up to & including temperatures of 100°C.

However, the PE film used in our ‘Bacofoil® EasyCut Cling Film (Available in IRL)’ is not recommended to be used at higher temperatures and so cannot be used in a microwave.

We recommend you contacting the manufacturer of your microwave oven.

Please refer to cooking instructions found on the food you are cooking. The bag does not change the amount of time to cook food for, it helps to keep your oven clean & the food moist.

Absolutely. Just visit our shop page here.

Unfortunately due to the large volume of requests we receive we cannot give away products and coupons.