Gender Pay Gap Statement

Melitta UK Ltd welcomes the opportunity to report our gender pay gap under The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Melitta UK Ltd welcomes the opportunity to report our gender pay gap under The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This Gender Pay Gap Report is based on data as at the 5th April 2021, at this point Melitta UK Ltd employed  over 250 staff of which a total of 236 staff have been calculated within our gender pay gap this year due to maternity leave and  LTS who have received no pay.  236 staff are made up with 162 (68%) being male and 74 (32%) being female.

At Melitta we believe in creating a diverse and gender balanced workforce. We believe in job opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, background, race and ethnicity.  We are striving to create a truly inclusive culture.

Our overall mean gender pay gap is 18.31%, this is mainly due to some white-collar roles being in great demand due to Brexit and COVID19 and needing to retain skills and knowledge within the business. Median Gender pay gap is 3.81%

Our business had an extraordinary year in 2021 which gave bigger bonus pay outs which is a profit-sharing bonus scheme for Hay Grade Managers which also had an impact on the difference in our mean gender pay gap from 2020.

We are committed to ensuring that there is no difference in pay rates for those who are carrying out the same function and at the same time naturally we want to understand what is driving our pay gap and how and what we can do to improve it. We know that our gender pay gap is not a pay issue but is down to lack of female representation in certain roles.  We have more men than women in our senior roles. In 2021 our data shows we had less female employees overall when you compare headcount differences.

Throughout the Production and Warehouse Departments, all operators are paid using a pay grading system that rewards those employees who carry out functions which require a higher skill set, irrespective of gender.  In 2022 we are looking at our rates of pay and grading system for these areas to bridge the gap of the mean percentage.  

The Production and Warehouse employees working the night shift receive a higher shift allowance and these employees are predominantly male. 

Mean Gender Pay Gap                              =                                  18.31%

Median Gender Pay Gap                           =                                  3.81%

Upper Quartile – Males                             =                                  68.97%

Upper Quartile – Females                         =                                  31.03 %

Upper Middle – Males                               =                                  67.80%

Upper Middle – Females                           =                                  32.20%

Lower Middle – Males                                =                                  67.80%

Lower Middle – Females                            =                                  32.20%

Lower Quartile – Male                                =                                  68.85%

Lower Quartile – Female                            =                                  31.15%

Proportion of Males to receive bonus                      =                28.5%

Proportion of Females to receive bonus                  =                25%

Mean Gender Pay Gap in bonus pay                         =                68.59%

Median Gender Pay Gap in bonus pay                     =                7.88%