Boss the BBQ with Bacofoil

Come rain or shine us Brit’s love a BBQ, but sometimes those old classics just don’t cut it. To help inspire all our budding outdoor chefs we have put together our top 4 BBQ recipe ideas. Follow our simple steps and you’ll be sure to Boss the BBQ this summer.

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Best BBQ Ribs

Boss the BBQ with our special ribs recipe. Simply mix up this quick marinade and leave overnight in a reusable Bacofoil® Zipper® Bag to create the best ever BBQ ribs. Don’t forget to wash the bag and reuse next time you light up the grill!

The below recipe makes enough marinade for one bag or to cover around 6-8 baby back ribs. Be sure to allow enough for multiple racks in different Bacofoil® Zipper® Bag, depending on how many ribs you plan to make and how big they are.  A good rule of thumb is to allow 3-4 ribs per person.

Ingredients for the marinade:

2x chopped garlic cloves

2x tbsp soy sauce

1x tbsp Worcestershire sauce

3x tbsp honey


  1. Grab your ribs (try baby back or whole ribs) and be sure to remove the silverskin from the back of the ribs
  2. Leave your ribs on a plate or in a baking tray
  3. Mix together the ingredients in a bowl until completely combined
  4. Coat the ribs with your marinade and massage into the meat
  5. Pop the ribs and any leftover marinade into a Bacofoil® Zipper® Bag and in the fridge overnight or for at least 4 hours
  6. Once marinated pop the ribs into a baking tray with Bacofoil® Non-Stick Foil® and into the oven at 150° to cook on a low heat for around 2-3 hours or until tender
    Tip: Baste the ribs part way through with the marinade again to get them super tasty
  7. Once the ribs are cooked wrap them in Bacofoil® Original Foil and pop them onto a heated grill or BBQ for around 10 minutes to finish them off and ensure you get that great smoked flavour
  8. Serve alone

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Best BBQ Salmon

If you are more of a fish person, be sure to try our tasty BBQ salmon recipe. Simply wrap the fish and ingredients up in Original Bacofoil Foil and let the grill do the rest. Another sure-fire way to boss the BBQ this summer.

The quantities are per salmon fillet, so should be increased per quantity. A good idea is to allow one salmon fillet per person.


Handful of fresh dill

1-2 tbsp of capers per fillet

1 tbsp of olive oil per fillet

3-4 garlic cloves – crushed

Lemon slices and natural yoghurt to serve


  1. Grab your Bacofoil® Original Foil and lay out a sheet big enough to wrap the salmon fillets inside / or use one piece of foil per fillet
  2. Drizzle with olive oil and then place the capers and sprigs of fresh dill onto the foil
  3. Lay your salmon on top and then sprinkle with the crushed garlic
  4. Wrap lightly but to contain all the flavour, then place on the grill
  5. Cook for around 4 minutes or until salmon is cooked through
  6. Serve with lemon slices and a dollop of yoghurt

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Best BBQ Spuds

Or maybe spuds are your thing? If so, you’ll love our super tasty BBQ Spuds. Simply season the spud, wrap in Original Bacofoil Foil and pop on the grill. Serve up with any topping and enjoy that smoky spud flavour.



Salt and Pepper

Toppings as desired


  1. Get your potato and rub with butter
  2. Once the potato is covered with a layer of butter, sprinkle with salt and pepper
  3. Then wrap in Bacofoil® Original Foil and pierce with a fork through to the potato
  4. Place the wrapped potato on the grill and cook for 1 hour
  5. When cooked through remove and stuff with your favourite topping
  6. Serve as a dish or as a side

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Best BBQ S’mores

Cater to the sweet tooths this #nationalBBQweek with this tasty s’mores recipe. Grab your chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits, build a stack and whack on the BBQ. To really Boss the BBQ wrap it up in Bacofoil Original Foil and keep all the gooey goodness for the plate!

Use as much or as little of the ingredients as you deem correct, dependant on the biscuit size. Remember the chocolate and s’mores will melt so allow for that and be careful when unwrapping the foil.


One pack of biscuits – try digestive biscuits or even larger cookies can also work

Grate milk or dark chocolate

One pack or marshmallows


  1. Lay out a piece of Bacofoil® Original Foil
  2. Place your first biscuit down and layer the chocolate and marshmallows on top
  3. Cover with a second biscuit
  4. Wrap the foil around the sandwich to keep all ingredients inside the parcel
  5. Place onto the grill and heat on both sides for 2 minutes each
  6. Then simply unwrap and allow to cool before tucking in

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