We’ve created some great Zipper® Doodles, so if your kids have a Zipper® Bag in their lunchbox why not draw some messages or funny imagery on the bags so they get more than just a taste from home!

Be sure to get some child friendly pens that are non-toxic, as well as waterproof and non- alcoholic in a range of colours to get started as well as some Bacofoil® Zipper® Bags. Then plan what you’d like to draw.

We went wild with a tiger, kept it safe with a smiley face, decided to keep it fresh with our rabbit friend and thought of our youngsters when we drew an angel. But best of all, these images all fit onto a Zipper® Bag and use the outline of a sandwich, to give a great backdrop and create some extra laughs.

Why not try your own style? Faces are a great one if you’re packing sandwiches into the reusable Zipper® Bags, or perhaps farmyard animals are your children’s favourite. And if the creative juices aren’t flowing, just write a heartfelt message.

Just give it a go.

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