You’ve attended many a BBQ in your time and perhaps even hosted before – but what makes a true BBQ boss? Is it someone that can ensure there’s surf, turf and veggie options for all guests, or does it require a multitasker who can host the games and boss the grill at the same time? Well, to lend a hand we’ve put together our top tips on how you can make sure your summer 2020 BBQ will be one to remember. 

Step 1: Be prepared

The most important element of throwing a BBQ to remember is to be prepared. This applies to all aspects of the event, from the setting, to the games, to the theme, but most importantly to the food! Not only should you prep what you can before the day of the event, but also marinade your meat 24 hours in advance as well. This will ensure you have tasty meat that is only enhanced by the smoky nature of the BBQ. Try our rib marinade recipe, found here. And be sure to get the BBQ up to the right heat in advance so you can benefit from the steady cook through and not end up with charcoaled sausages for your guests. 

Step 2: Provide variety

When it comes to the menu, consider your guests dietary requirements. This will put everyone at ease in advance of the event and have no one worrying they may go away feeling hungry. But variety isn’t called the spice of life just because it means your gluten free guests are smiling. No, it is because a colourful plate of food brimming with great flavours will leave everyone with a great taste in their mouth and coming back for seconds! 

Here’s a simple menu to start:

  • Meat: Pork and apple sausages, red onion burgers, ribs (marinated for 24 hours) and chicken (marinated for 24 hours) with pepper & onion skewers
  • Fish: Salmon steaks (marinated for 24 hours) and king prawns in their shells
  • Veggie: Halloumi burgers, mushroom, peach, courgette & red onion skewers and charred aubergines (ensure there is enough for your non veggie guests too)
  • Salads: Potato salad with fresh mint, green salad and Roquefort, honey, walnut & pear salad
  • Sides: Corn on the cob, jacket potatoes and Barbecued plantains
  • Desserts: Banana and chocolate splits and s’mores

Step 3: Keep it fun

Keep your guests entertained with some fun garden games, and make sure you have some inside options too. Check out our lists of 10 garden games here.

Step 4: Consider your setting

In advance of everyone arriving set up enough seating for everyone, inside and out. And remember, it may rain so make sure you have enough space in case the event has to move inside. If you’re short of chairs, don’t worry, why not create a boho chic garden look. Simply lay down some waterproof sheets and place throws, blankets, cushions and bean bags on top for a comfy space for everyone to enjoy. 

Top tip: If your home is near water and prone to visiting mosquitos, set up some citronella burners in advance to keep the critters at bay.

Step 5: Introduce a theme for that added touch

There is always room to stand out from the crowd – and by setting a theme to your event you can be sure it will be remembered. Your theme could be something personal to you, for example 80s babies could throw an 80s style event, with retro style nibbles and dishes, décor from the decade and ask guests to come in their best throw back outfits. Or you could go more traditional and set a theme such as by the sea and go for deck chairs in the garden, paddling pools for all to enjoy and some fish and chips on the BBQ served in paper boats. Whatever you to though, be sure to see it through.   

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