Chocolate maggot bark

Up your game this Halloween with this chocolate maggot bark recipe. This creepy confectionary is quick and easy to make, and will prove to be a sweet and salty delight with kids and adults alike.

Prep Time

15 mins


1 - 10 people


150g Dark Chocolate

150g Milk Chocolate

150g White Chocolate

150g Pretzels (broken up)


Break the different chocolate types into three separate bowls, and gently melt over a pan of hot water, or microwave, until smooth and glossy – try not to touch the chocolate while it’s in the melting process as this can make it lumpy

Prepare a large tray with Bacofoil® Non-Stick Baking Paper and spread the chocolate over it. Keep the different flavours of chocolate separate or mix together – it’s your choice!

Add the broken pretzels to the top, then chill until the chocolate has hardened and is ready to be served