Bacofoil® Non-Stick Baking Paper

Bacofoil® Non-Stick Baking Paper

From £1.39

Non-Stick Sturctured Surface
No need to grease the tin
Ensures food bakes evenly

Bacofoil® Non-Stick Baking Paper is the perfect companion to any budding baker and professional alike. It’s innovative and unique Non-Stick texured surface reduces the amount of contact with the bake ensuring they will slide effortlessly of the paper and bake evenly.

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3 - 6 15 % £1.69
7 - 9 20 % £1.59
10+ 30 % £1.39

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Have no fear bakers; cake mess and cookie disasters are a thing of the past, with Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Baking Paper.

The innovative and unique Non-Stick, textured surface reduces the amount of contact with the bake, meaning that everything from cookies, cakes and doughs will bake evenly and slide effortlessly off the paper. And, because both sides of the paper are Non-Stick, any excess grease is unable to seep through meaning less time clearing up and more time to taste the goodies.