Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® 30-Litre Bin Liners | Bulk Buy

  • Bacofoil Elasti-Fit Bulk Buy 30-Litres
  • Bacofoil Elasti-Fit Bulk Buy 30-Litres
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Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® 30-Litre Bin Liners | Bulk Buy


Bulk Buy: 36 rolls of Ultra Resistant Bin Liners
Secure, No-Slip Elastic Drawstring for Snap Fit
Triple layers to make them ultra durable and resist splitting
Sealed at the sides to prevent leaking

Step into the realm of ultimate convenience with Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners – the epitome of hassle-free waste management. Our Secure, No-Slip Design, featuring an integrated elastic drawstring strap, guarantees a perfect fit, preventing any slips, even when your bin is at its fullest. With three layers of tear-resistant film, experience Leak-Proof Performance and easy-to-use drawstring handles, making Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Bags the effortless and eco-friendly solution to your daily disposal needs. Opt for sustainable living with bin liners crafted with 100% recycled plastic – the secure, durable, and environmentally conscious choice for your waste disposal requirements.

This handy bulk buy pack contains 36 rolls of 30-litre Elasti-Fit Bin Liners, for a total of 432 bin bags.


Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners 30 Litres | 36 Rolls | 432 Total Bin Liners


Immerse yourself in the epitome of waste convenience with Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners – now available in a bulk buy option of 36 rolls, totaling 432 bin liners. Boasting a Secure, No-Slip Design, the integrated elastic drawstring strap ensures a perfect, snug fit, preventing any slips even when the bin bag is fully loaded.

With three layers of tear-resistant film for durability and sealed sides guaranteeing Leak-Proof Performance, our Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Bags offer a hassle-free solution to bin disasters. Convenience is at the forefront, thanks to easy-to-use drawstring handles that make daily disposal tasks effortless.

Make an eco-friendly choice by selecting these bin bags crafted with 100% recycled plastic, providing both peace of mind and premium product quality. Say goodbye to concerns about ill-fitting or slipping bin bags and embrace a secure, durable, and environmentally conscious waste disposal solution with Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners.