Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners

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Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners

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Secure, No-Slip Elastic Drawstring for Snap Fit
Triple layers to make them ultra durable and resist splitting
Sealed at the sides to prevent leaking

Step into a world of ultimate convenience with Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners – the epitome of hassle-free waste management. Our Secure, No-Slip Design, featuring an integrated elastic drawstring strap, ensures a perfect fit, preventing any slips, even when your bin is at its fullest. With three layers of tear-resistant film, Leak-Proof Performance, and easy-to-use drawstring handles, our Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Bags provide an effortless and eco-friendly solution to your daily disposal needs. Choose sustainable living with bin liners crafted with 100% recycled plastic – the secure, durable, and environmentally conscious choice for your waste disposal.

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5 - 7 10 % £3.51
8+ 15 % £3.32

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Immerse yourself in ultimate convenience with Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners, boasting a Secure, No-Slip Design. The integrated elastic drawstring strap guarantees a perfect and snug fit, preventing the bin bag from slipping, even when filled.

Featuring three layers of tear-resistant film for durability and sealed sides ensuring Leak-Proof Performance, our Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Bags offer a hassle-free solution to bin disasters. Convenience is key, with easy-to-use drawstring handles that make daily disposal tasks effortless.

Choose eco-friendly living by opting for these bin bags crafted with 100% recycled plastic, providing both peace of mind and product quality. Bid farewell to worries about ill-fitting or slipping bin bags and embrace a secure, durable, and environmentally conscious waste disposal solution with Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners.