Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant® Bin Liners

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  • Bacofoil Bin Bags made with 100% recycled plastic
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  • Ultra Resistant problem – solution
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Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant® Bin Liners

You save

Ultra Protection Technology for added toughness
Triple layers to make them ultra durable and resist splitting
Sealed at the sides to prevent leaking

Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant Bin Liners redefine waste management with advanced Ultra Protection Technology, ensuring strength and reliability to prevent tearing and leaks, even at full capacity. These bin liners feature a cutting-edge tear-resistant design with three layers of film, effortlessly handling heavy loads while maintaining durability. Experience guaranteed Leak-Proof Performance with sealed sides, and enjoy convenient handling with easy-to-use drawstring handles for lifting, tying, and carrying.

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5 - 7 10 % £3.33
8+ 15 % £3.15

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Experience the next level of waste management with Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant Bin Liners, featuring cutting-edge Ultra Protection Technology. These bin liners are not only strong and reliable but also equipped to prevent tearing and leaks, even when your bag is full to the brim. With advanced tear-resistant design and three layers of film, they effortlessly handle heavy loads while ensuring durability.

Our Leak-Proof Performance is guaranteed with sealed sides that effectively prevent leaks, maintaining a clean and odor-free environment. Convenient handling is key, and our bin bags make daily disposal tasks a breeze with easy-to-use drawstring handles for lifting, tying, and carrying.

Choose eco-conscious living with Bacofoil® Eco-Friendly Bin Liners, crafted with 100% recycled plastic. Upgrade your waste disposal with our reliable and environmentally friendly solution.