Baco® 90Ltr Heavy Duty Refuse Sack

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Baco® 90Ltr Heavy Duty Refuse Sack


Reliably strong construction.
Hassle-free draw-tight closure.
Ideal for larger bins.

A pack of 10 robust, draw-tight bin liners, providing strength, reliability, and hassle-free waste disposal. With a larger size of approximately 150cm x 90cm


Experience the robust reliability of Baco 90L Refuse Sacks, designed to provide the reassurance you need for effective waste disposal. The draw-tight closure makes them not only strong but also simple and hassle-free to use, ensuring a seamless experience in managing larger volumes of waste.

With a roll containing 10 bags, each boasting an approximate size of 150cm x 90cm, Baco Refuse Sacks are the perfect choice for those seeking durability and convenience in one. These thick and reliable bin liners offer a practical solution, combining strength with user-friendly features for an efficient waste management solution.

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