Bacofoil® Professional Original Catering Foil

  • 13B02 Bacofoil Prof Catering Foil 45cm Facing Front

Bacofoil® Professional Original Catering Foil


Preserve Moisture: locks in flavour for irresistible taste and juicy perfection.
Versatile: Roast, wrap, store – Bacofoil® excels in kitchen tasks.
Precise: Metallised blade ensures easy cutting for seamless use.

Elevate your culinary experience with Bacofoil® Professional catering foil – a must-have for small catering and household kitchens. This exceptionally versatile foil is your go-to for roasting, wrapping, storing, and freezing, ensuring your food stays fresh, flavourful, and even protected against freezer burn. This perfect all-rounder comes in a convenient sixty-meter length and 45cm width, ideal for effortlessly covering larger food items.


Embark on a culinary adventure with Bacofoil® Professional catering foil, a kitchen essential that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary for both small catering businesses and home kitchens. Brace yourself for an unparalleled culinary experience as this foil seamlessly adapts to various tasks – from flawlessly roasting to expertly wrapping, storing, and even freezing your favourite dishes. Bid farewell to worries about food freshness and freezer burn, for this premium foil is dedicated to tirelessly extending the life of your meals, ensuring every bite is as delightful as the first.

Engineered to withstand the rigours of high temperatures, Bacofoil® Professional catering foil emerges as the ultimate all-in-one solution for optimal food protection. Unravel a generous sixty-meter length and a spacious 45cm width that perfectly caters to covering larger food items, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage for your culinary creations. Immerse yourself in the convenience and reliability that this culinary essential brings to your kitchen, making each cooking endeavour a seamless and enjoyable one.

Elevate your kitchen game with the unmatched versatility and superior quality of Bacofoil® Professional catering foil. Let it become the reliable companion that turns your culinary visions into reality, making every meal a masterpiece worth savouring.