Bacofoil® Professional Extra Thick Cling Film

  • 36B02 Bacofoil Prof Extra Thick Cling Film 45cm Facing Front

Bacofoil® Professional Extra Thick Cling Film


Cover large dishes effortlessly, thanks to its wide 45cm design.
Preserve food, keeping it fresh longer.
Ideal for covering, wrapping, microwaving, and freezing.

Take your food freshness seriously with Bacofoil® Professional Extra Thick Cling Film. Sealing in freshness, preventing odors, and providing a strong grip for dishes up to 45cm wide. It’s fridge, freezer, and microwave-safe with a metallic blade for easy cutting. Perfect for small catering setups.

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Bacofoil® Professional extra thick Cling Film is your kitchen’s secret to sealing in freshness and flavor effortlessly. This high-quality cling film, with its wide 45cm and generous 300m length, is tailored for small catering kitchens, ensuring that your dishes are covered securely. Its strong grip and seal make it ideal for dishes up to 45cm wide, providing safe and hygienic food protection that keeps your creations at their best.

Say goodbye to unwanted fridge odors. Bacofoil® Professional Cling Film is designed to prevent the transfer of odors, ensuring that your food stays fresh and uncontaminated. This versatile cling film is suitable for use in the fridge, freezer, and even the microwave, offering a reliable solution for all your food storage and reheating needs. The included metallic blade ensures easy and precise cutting, making it a user-friendly essential for your kitchen.

Experience the next level of convenience with Bacofoil® Professional Cling Film. Its extra thickness brings durability, while the wide dimensions cater perfectly to the needs of small kitchen setups. Let this cling film become your go-to choice for hassle-free food covering and protection, simplifying your cooking tasks and preserving the quality of your dishes.

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