Bacofoil® Active Fresh® 30-Litre Bin Liners | Bulk Buy

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  • ActiveFresh_30L Case of 36_b
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Bacofoil® Active Fresh® 30-Litre Bin Liners | Bulk Buy


Bulk Buy: 36 rolls of Active Fresh Bin Liners
Odor elimination, no more bin smells
Triple layers to make them ultra durable and resist splitting
Sealed at the sides to prevent leaking

Enhance your waste disposal routine with Bacofoil® Active Fresh Bin Liners, expertly crafted to eliminate unpleasant bin odors. Featuring sealed sides for leak prevention, these robust and tear-resistant bin liners effortlessly manage hefty loads while preserving a refreshing scent. Experience leak-proof performance and ease of use with drawstring handles. Embrace environmentally friendly living by choosing Bacofoil® Active Fresh Bin Liners, constructed with 100% recycled plastic for a sustainable waste management solution.

This handy bulk buy pack contains 36 rolls of 30-litre Active Fresh Bin Liners, for a total of 432 bin bags.


Enhance your waste management routine with Bacofoil® Active Fresh Bin Liners, now available in a bulk purchase option of 432 bin liners made up of 36 rolls of 30-litre Active Fresh bin bags. Upgrade your experience with these liners that boast sealed sides to prevent leaks and a delightful citrus scent, neutralising odours and maintaining a clean and fresh home environment. Designed to be tear-resistant and durable, these bin liners excel in handling hefty loads while keeping your bin consistently smelling fresh.

Experience leak-proof performance with the sealed sides, eliminating any concerns about unwanted leaks. Simplify your daily waste disposal tasks with user-friendly drawstring handles, making lifting, tying, and carrying a breeze.

Opt for an environmentally conscious lifestyle with Bacofoil® Eco-Friendly Bin Liners, carefully crafted with 100% recycled plastic. Elevate your waste disposal routine with this reliable and eco-friendly solution, ideal for those who seek high-quality bin liners for effective and sustainable waste management.