Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags

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Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags


Easy Open Tabs & Double Seal Closure
Made with 70% Recycled Resources
Extra Thick Film

A fantastic way to keep sandwiches and snacks deliciously fresh, Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags with easy open tabs are a great choice for food on the go. They’re super secure and easy to use! They’re also extremely durable and reusable, so they’ll last you a long time, not to mention they’re now made with 70% recycled and renewable raw materials which makes them better for the environment.

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The resealable Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags not only keep sandwiches and snacks deliciously fresh, but are practical as they fit perfectly into any handbag or backpack. The easy open tabs makes the bags even easier to open and close, while the secure SafeLoc® double closure prevents leakage and stops your food drying out.

Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Sandwich Bags are designed for easy and secure opening and closing, and are made from strong quality film, protecting the quality and taste of your food, – a must have in any household. Our Bacofoil® SafeLoc® Bags are now manufactured with 70% recycled and renewable raw materials! a key milestone on our journey to becoming a part of a circular economy.