Bacofoil® Greaseproof Paper

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Bacofoil® Greaseproof Paper


Sealed Paper Surface with moisture resistant properties
Versatile – Wrapping, storing and presenting
Great for wrapping food on the go

Bacofoil® Greaseproof Paper with sealed paper surface has moisture resistant properties that make it perfect from wrapping anything from sandwiches to cheese or any other picnic and lunchbox items.

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Incredibly versatile and easy to use, Bacofoil® Greaseproof Paper is a great alternative for wrapping, presenting and storing food.

With its sealed paper structure, Bacofoil® Greaseproof Paper’s moisture resistant properties make it perfect for wrapping anything from sandwiches to cheese, or any other picnic and lunch box items. Designed not only to wrap food, but also to store and present, it can be relied on to add that touch of style.