Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant® 30-Litre | 384 Bin Liners Bulk Buy

  • UltraResistant_30L_ case of 32_b
  • UltraResistant_30L_ case of 32_b
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  • Bacofoil Bin Bags made with 100% recycled plastic
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  • Ultra Resistant problem – solution
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Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant® 30-Litre | 384 Bin Liners Bulk Buy


Bulk Buy: 32 rolls of Ultra Resistant Bin Liners
Ultra Protection Technology for added toughness
Triple layers to make them ultra durable and resist splitting
Sealed at the sides to prevent leaking

Discover a new era in waste management with Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant Bin Liners, setting the standard with Ultra Protection Technology for unparalleled strength and reliability. These bin liners, equipped with a tear-resistant design comprising three layers of film, effortlessly handle heavy loads while ensuring durability and preventing leaks. Experience Leak-Proof Performance with sealed sides and enjoy hassle-free handling with user-friendly drawstring handles for easy lifting, tying, and carrying. Optimise your waste disposal with Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant Bin Liners, a testament to advanced technology and uncompromising quality.

This handy bulk buy pack contains 32 rolls of 30-litre Ultra Resistant Bin Liners, for a total of 384 bin bags.


Elevate your waste management routine with Bacofoil® Ultra Resistant Bin Liners, incorporating cutting-edge Ultra Protection Technology. These bin liners, designed for strength and reliability, excel in preventing tearing and leaks, even when fully loaded. Featuring an advanced tear-resistant design and three layers of film, they effortlessly manage heavy loads while ensuring long-lasting durability.

Our Leak-Proof Performance is guaranteed with sealed sides, effectively preventing leaks and preserving a clean and odour-free environment. For added convenience, these bin liners are available in a bulk buy option, containing 32 rolls of 30-litre bin bags, totaling 384 bin liners in total. Make daily disposal tasks a breeze with easy-to-use drawstring handles for effortless lifting, tying, and carrying.

Choose an environmentally conscious lifestyle with Bacofoil® Eco-Friendly Bin Liners, thoughtfully crafted with 100% recycled plastic. Enhance your waste disposal routine with this reliable and eco-friendly solution, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.